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Dorsey Addicks

January 2015


Tim has been my daughter’s swing coach, and most importantly friend, since 2010.  They have made a great twosome.  Both of them are cut from the same cloth.  They are competitive souls with a perfectionist streak, mischievous at times, and in love with the game of golf and the beauty of the golf swing.


Tim has been instrumental in helping my daughter, Dorsey, leverage her golf talent into a golf swing that people admire.  I’ve seen an entire row of men on the practice range stop what they were doing just to watch a young woman swing with grace and power.


That swing helped Dorsey qualify for the 2014 US Women’s Amateur in Long Island, NY., an accomplishment that Tim says “was all Dorsey” but in reality no one accomplishes great things alone.  Tim deserves credit for being a part of that truly special accomplishment.


One of the strengths of Tim’s technique is making sure teacher and student are on the same page when it comes to terminology.  Tim is a stickler for being exact.  As a result, Dorsey and Tim can chat, text, email, or share swing videos, and communicate without confusion.  Which is very helpful considering Dorsey plays golf on the other side of the country for Seattle University.  Tim knows Dorsey’s swing so well that if she describes a ball flight problem, he can usually identify the cause without seeing her swing. 


One of the reasons Dorsey picked Tim to be her swing coach was because his lessons are rooted in competitive golf.  It helps when your instructor is a great player and plays competitive professional golf.  Plenty of instructors can help the average player, but not all can help the competitive player.  Tim is special that way.


Tim is a true student of the game, the swing, and instruction…bordering on obsession.  Okay, he is obsessed.  His talent as a teacher is that he doesn’t just tell, or show you how to hit a golf ball, but he also challenges you to think.  All great teachers understand that.


I have no hesitation recommending Tim to anyone who wants to be a better golfer, no matter the age.  Tim is a true gentleman, who demands all of us to believe in ourselves, and to be better than we thought we could. 

Lee Bradley

December 2014


Two years ago I turned 55 and realized that if I wanted to continue to play competitive amateur golf, as I got older my golf swing was going to need a major overhaul. This was not going to be an easy undertaking for me, or the instructor and I wanted to ensure I had the right teacher/partner for this golf journey.  I knew of Tim's reputation as an excellent golfer and I also played golf with many of the exceptional junior golfers Tim had developed and was very impressed with their swings. With Tim as my teacher/partner we began the rebuilding process and I am happy to report that remarkable changes have occurred in my golf swing. My swing is more consistent, I have gone from hitting a sweeping hook to hitting the ball straight and being able to fade the ball, something I thought unimaginable for me. But now with a new swing I need help taking it onto the golf course and through playing lessons with Tim I have for the first time in my golf career learned how to efficiently manage my game on the golf course. I can't express how much I have learned from Tim through our playing lessons together on the golf course.              


I have had instruction from a top 50 ranked instructor in the country and I can tell you Tim is hands down far superior. He has the unique combination of being a great player/teacher/communicator, which is a very rare talent. If you're a beginner golfer, high handicap or scratch golfer Tim will improve your game! Working with Tim has been the best decision I ever made with a golf club in my hand!

Alan O'Regan

November 2014


When I first went to see Tim, I was a self taught 6 handicap.  I played what I would call a controlled hook.  When my timing was good I was decent.  When it was off I struggled massively.  I had no idea why one day I could shoot in the 70s and the following day struggle to beat 90.

Working with Tim has changed that.  I have a fantastic understanding of the golf swing now.  The knowledge Tim has imparted allows me to know why I hit the shots I hit.  When I have a bad day, I can review the fundamentals that Tim has taught me and get it straightened out without having to get a a lesson.

To see the benefit of my work with Tim, I need only look at my handicap.  I broke through the scratch barrier for the first time in 2013.   This dream only became possible through my work with Tim.

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